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NRGY Honey Superfood (310g)

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NRGY Bundles

NRGY Bundles

NRGY Honey Superfood | Enjoy the benefits of propolis, royal jelly and raw honey witht these delicious blend.

NRGY Honey Superfood

NRGY Honey Superfood's formula contains five powerful natural ingredients including: raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis known for their health benefits. Natural and carefully curated, this product is suitable for daily use regardless of your lifestyle. 
NRGY Honey Turmeric Metabolism Kickstart (310g)

The Everyday Collection

Our Everyday Collection features 3 raw honey blends that are not only delicious but also pack a punch. Matcha Energy-Booster, Ginger Detox, and Turmeric Metabolism Kickstart. Each flavor brings unique health benefits, making it perfect to incorporate into your daily life.