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NRGY Honey Superfood x My Momentum

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NRGY Honey Superfood x My Momentum

NRGY Honey Superfood is thrilled to partner with My Momentum, a Vancouver-based wellness app for all health and fitness enthusiasts to earn rewards for healthy choices! My Momentum's mission is to create an ecosystem that fuels growth and discovery to help people feel healthier and happier, which aligns with our values as well! 

If you want to win our NRGY Honey Superfood or even try out other local Canadian brands then download the app here. The challenges are easy, bite-sized actions that are bucketed into 3 free flowing categories: move, nourish, reflect. Earn points for every challenge you complete to redeem rewards. 

Get promos and free stuff with your points. It’s an incentive to try something new, like a group workout, cafe, snack, wellness coach and more!