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About The Founder

About The Founder

Basma Brown is the creator of the NRGY Honey formula. True to her image, she is a strong believer in leading a balanced lifestyle while enjoying the health benefits that natural ingredients can provide. NRGY Honey is the perfect reflection of the lifestyle that Basma leads - when she’s not spending her time sourcing the best ingredients that go into every spoonful of this superfood formula, she stays active and challenges herself to be better, and do better.

Welcome to NRGY Honey - a journey to feel better and do better.


Why NRGY Honey?

Why NRGY Honey?

What started simply as a regimen to promote weight loss has become so much more. NRGY Honey originated as friends and family witnessed the true benefits and real changes happening to them after incorporating this raw honey superfood in their daily diet.

Made in Toronto, NRGY Honey is committed to becoming a brand that is authentic, purposeful and responsible, all while restoring the mind and body to its natural state. There are many health benefits associated with raw honey and it’s been a tremendous journey creating this formula and shaping the vision of NRGY Honey.


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