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NRGY Everyday Collection

NRGY Everyday Collection

$90.00 $84.99

The Everyday Collection includes our Turmeric + Ginger + Matcha to help you target specific needs each morning.


NRGY Everyday Collection Includes:

1 X Honey Turmeric Metabolism Kickstart

1 X Honey Matcha Energy Booster

1 X Honey Ginger Detox Blend


About This Bundle

  • Blended Raw Honey ProductA wonderfully balanced taste of Raw Honey 

  • Great TastingSmooth and Flavourful

  • Locally Sourced: Product of Ontario– sourced, packed, and labeled in Ontario with direct ingredient to consumer quality

  • Can Be Enjoyed Everyday: Happy customers use these products in a variety of ways ranging from meals, tea, and coffee, enjoying it by the spoonful, and even in smoothies. 

  • Authentic Non-GMO Raw Honey: With its properties and health benefits, raw honey is a gift to support everyday wellness and wellbeing. This natural honey comes in a beautifully compact jar, making it perfect to store in your cabinet. It really is the perfect present for yourself or someone special.

  • Premium Quality: All of our raw honey products are produced locally certified in Ontario. We only use the finest locally sourced ingredients to ensure every spoonful of NRGY Honey is as good as its previous.

  • Raw Honey Blend Experts: NRGY Honey produces a range of natural products with a focus on multiple health benefits and the right ingredients. We provide you with a variety of raw honey blended products to focus on your wellness and wellbeing to help boost energy and improve digestion. NRGY Honey focuses on helping you feel the best you can with our natural products each and every day.